How To

This site allows setting up live video calling rooms that work both for pc users (web based) and mobile users (mobile app).

  1. Register on site
  2. Login
  3. Create a room (you can limit access to a list of usernames/emails or make it available to all)
  4. Send room link to other person or
    tell the other person to connect with Mobile App and look for your room / your username or access the room link from mobile browser


Web: Room Setup


Web: Video Call
100% web based for PC users.

Mobile: Login
Screenshot 2015-09-17 21.08.02
Users can login or register from mobile app.

Mobile: Room List (accessible rooms)
Screenshot 2015-09-14 16.13.53
App lists accessible rooms and for each room owner, online user.

Mobile: Video Call
Screenshot 2015-09-27 12.29.21


– Application and site are currently free to use.
– 2 app users need to select same room to meet each other in a call. Steps: Register, login, select a room, enter room.
– Users see a list of accessible and available rooms, in app, after login. For each accessible room, app user can see who created it and who is online.
– New rooms can currently be setup only from site. When setting up a room from site, room owner can make it public or accessible for certain usernames. The access list for each room contains usernames allowed to access.